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As a rapidly growing AI consulting firm, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled artificial intelligence services to our ever-expanding client base.

Our values form the foundation of our success and guide our daily operations. Our team members excel in their specific domains, ensuring that we continue to provide expert AI solutions. Services include:

  1. Production-Ready Solutions: We offer operational AI solutions that are ready for production, PoCs and Prototypes to test your hypotheses. This includes creating AI models, implementing AI into existing systems, and monitoring performance for KPI-tracking.
  2. Text - Natural Language Processing (NLP): We provide services in NLP, helping computers to understand, interpret and manipulate human language. This can be used for various applications such as text analysis, language translation, or creating chatbots.
  3. Image - Computer Vision: We offer computer vision services that involve extracting, analyzing, and understanding useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. This can be used in areas like facial recognition, object detection, or image restoration.
  4. Structured Data Analytics: We model your structured data to provide robust predictive analytics and forecasting. This can help in decision making, trend analysis, and identifying patterns in your data.
  5. Time-Series Analysis - Digital Signal Processing (DSP): We provide services in time-series data analysis and DSP. This involves interpreting and understanding signals or time-series data for applications like forecasting, anomaly detection, and signal filtering.
  6. Audio Processing: Our audio processing services include detecting and recognizing audio signals. This can be used in areas like speech recognition, sound classification, or audio fingerprinting.
  7. Deep Learning: We apply neural networks and deep learning techniques to solve complex problems. This can be used for tasks like image recognition, natural language processing, or self-driving cars.
  8. Supervised Learning: We provide supervised learning services, where an AI learns from labeled training data, and makes predictions based on that knowledge.
  9. Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning: We provide services in both semi-supervised learning, which uses a mix of labeled and unlabeled data, and unsupervised learning, which learns from data without any labels.
  10. Generative and Adversarial Deep Learning: We offer services in generative methods that learn to simulate your data. This can be used for various applications like data augmentation, anomaly detection, or image synthesis.
  11. Linear Methods - XGBoost, SKLearn, etc.: We apply linear methods for prediction or classification tasks. These are simpler but often very effective methods for solving machine learning problems.
  12. Batch and Streaming Data Processing: We adapt to any data format. While batch processing is simpler, we also offer streaming data processing which is optimal in some use cases.

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