We Replaced Four Facebook Ad Managers With OpenAI, Amazon Reviews, and Slack

TL;DR: We built a custom Slack Bot that analyzes Amazon reviews to create targeted FB ads, uses DALL·E for matching images, crunches ad data from Google Sheets, and predicts future ad performance. The total headcount of the creative team was reduced from five to only one in-house creative who controls and monitors the new workflow.

Overview of the project

Leveraging consumer sentiment, our team deployed a groundbreaking Slack Bot, designed to disrupt the traditional creative process in the ad space. Tapping into Amazon's data goldmine (aka. Amazon product reviews) we extracted pain points through advanced NLP analysis per product, informing our AI-driven creative generation which can be controlled by only one human in a Slack Workspace.

Business' problems

The Business grappled with pinpointing target audience pain points, leading to subpar ad copy and mismatched creative assets. Ad image relevance often lagged, negatively impacting CTRs. Additionally, interpreting Facebook's algorithmic feedback loop posed a challenge, making ROAS optimization too complex for a small team of eight.

Objectives of the Slack bot integration

The Slack Bot streamlines ad ops by mining Amazon reviews for consumer pain points, fueling dynamic creative ideation. It taps DALL·E's API for imagery, tightly syncs with GSheets for real-time CPL and ROAS analysis to generate more ads based on the historical Facebook / Meta business suite export data.

Solution Development

The Slack Bot conducts NLP-driven deep dives (Scraping and subsequent sentiment extraction) of Amazon reviews for each product. Our bot surfaces critical user frustrations for targeted creative messaging. It distills buyer feedback into actionable insights, refining value props for better understanding of buyer needs. This pain point extraction informs the generated ad copy, sharpening hooks to address consumer objections head-on, omitting the need for a lot of creative staff.

Integration with DALL·E API for image generation

We integrated the DALL·E API to turbocharge our creative asset pipeline. This additional feature unlocks a trove of hyper-relevant, data-driven visuals on-the-fly, massively slashing asset turnaround time. Ad sets now brim with bespoke imagery, tailored to campaign KPIs and dynamically optimized for peak performance marketing. We are currently working on an additional feature for the Slack Bot that ideates and writes UGC video scripts based on the scraped Amazon review insights and customer pain points.

Setup of report analysis from Google Sheets

We used the Google Sheets API for seamless data extraction. Then we added historical performance tracking to get cross-channel metrics for holistic view. This allowed for granular ad set optimization and enabled data-driven decision-making by ensuring CTR, CPA, ROAS analysis at scale through our conversational Slack Bot that's hooked up to the data.

So How Did We Replace Creative Staff?

The Slack Bot significantly uplifted ad performance metrics, streamlining the creative process for agile campaign deployment. Efficiency skyrocketed, truncating turnaround times and optimizing ad spend through precise predictive analytics. The total headcount of the creative team was reduced from five to only one in-house creative which is trained in controlling the workflow as the human-in-the-loop.

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